Body Feng Shui

We all love wellness – Body Feng Shui is more than that

Our body loves to be balanced, in harmony, in harmony. In addition to the release of blockages in the energetic field, it is very helpful to work on them on body levels. 

Often we feel the “psychological pressure” on the heart, shoulders or the entire body system. 

Literally, we feel burdened.

With body Feng Shui the life energy Chi is brought into flow


  • Supporting Unconditional Love at the Heart Level
  • Promote one’s own perception of “being free from evaluation
  • Shiva – Shakti – Compensation
  • Dissolving Being Unhappy
  • Lighten the burdens we carry on our shoulders
  • Support of the kidneys – Chi
  • Free blocked joie de vivre


You want to know more? Then I cordially invite you to get in touch with me. I look forward to your inquiry and to get to know you personally in a conversation!

In the flow of life energy