Systemic Constellation

Gauri Gatha releases old structures and bondages

We enjoy meeting people whose naturalness and warmth fascinate us. We wish to be as free and happy as they are.

Why do we not succeed? What blocks us?

Our life seems to be controlled by others. We bend ourselves to avoid disputes, not to disappoint others, to fulfill our own expectations…

Why we stand in our own way?

Structures, forms and bondages are of great importance to us. In some ways we all are involved in them. Be it in our everyday life with family, job and leisure time or through our inner world, such as fears, hopes, judgements.

Some events stay in our memory as if they happened yesterday, others are rooted in our ancestral lineage and unconsciously have a paralyzing effect on us. All this prevents us from “being ourselves”, from experiencing, accepting and living our full potential. 

Gauri Gatha traces blockages at their origin and makes it possible to release them at their source. Space for something new is created. Long-missing values are integrated into our system. We feel more complete.

Inner peace spreads.


Want to know more?

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Visions, desires and goals become tangible again