The healing methods of the Elves & Fairies

Nature beings take us into a plane beyond time and space. Here it is easy to escape any limitations in order to meet one’s own inner healing powers.

Non-separateness means oneness

Elves and fairies have retreated into their own world to guard their light. In this day and age, we humans can see the light, love and purity of these light forces. Therefore, the elves and fairies are approaching our consciousness again. Since time immemorial they have preserved ancient healing springs of light. They are healing methods to bring the body and the subtle energies into harmony.

Healing methods

The Essences of the Elves & Fairies


01 Lemon butterfly - cleaning

This essence cleanses body and spaces. It can be used in preparation for encounters and situations, as well as afterwards.

02 Blue - Trust

This essence gives us the confidence to want to listen to ourselves. It takes courage to give up searching to allow finding.

03 Peacock Eye - Joy

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04 Checkerboard Butterfly - Clarity

This essence clears the heart. If the solution level arises from the clarity of the heart, then it is correct.
Brauner Bär

05 Brown bear structure

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06 Admiral - Liberation

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07 Aurora butterfly orientation

This essence sums up the essentials and helps to take the first step towards the goal.
Kleiner Fuchs

08 Little fox - consolation

This essence gives the feelings room to be noticed. As a part of us, they get their place in our love.

09 Dovetail Determination

This essence confronts us to face our own freedom, to take responsibility for our own lives and for their respective decisions.
Kleiner Eisvogel

10 Little Kingfisher - Healing

We are God's children, divine beings who have come to be healed.
Kleiner Kohlweißling

11 Small cabbage white change

Where it is no longer possible, change is needed. New perspectives arise when we remember the origin of our light.
Großer Eisvogel

12 Great Kingfisher - Mindfulness

If we observe ourselves and listen to the voice of our heart, respect arises for every other being. Mindfulness breeds love.

13 Postillion orientation

There are many ways. To find the right one, it is good to stop, become more aware and feel the way in your heart.
Kleines Nachtpfauenauge

14 Little Night Peacock Eye - Devotion

If we truly open ourselves to the worlds of light, we will be pervaded by the grace of healing their love.

15 Fire Butterfly - Transformation

Fire burns mercilessly. It is pure light and pure love. To surrender to the divine fire is the highest transformation.
Großer Kohlweißling

16 Great cabbage white - knowledge

This essence helps us to assign feelings and sensations. As loving companions, they help us to recognize and understand.

17 Sail Butterfly - Power

This essence gives us energy and strength. It asks us to claim what we have to do, preferably without detours.

18 Mauerfuchs - Tatkraft

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Goldene Acht

19 Golden Eight - Wisdom

In harmony with the golden light we find our light, our peace and our place. We are ready to open ourselves to our own vision.
Großes Ochsenauge

20 Great Oxeye - Knowledge

Connected to heaven and earth, we remember our task and the associated knowledge for the benefit of man and nature.
Elfen und Feen Essenz großer Fuchs

21 Great fox perfection

This essence allows us to experience perfection inside and outside. Joy, love and beauty may unite.


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Living in harmony with the forces of nature