Energetic cleansing

This intensive cleansing is especially recommended during this period of Corona vaccinations.

Since the beginning of vaccinations many people are complaining that they feel worse overall. They notice that physical and mental exhaustion occur sooner. This condition does not really improve after rest or sleep. Everyday activities are more difficult to perform. Painful muscles, joints or even neck pain and headaches occur more frequently. In addition people experience concentration problems, sleep disturbances and depressions. Some complain of unusual  gastrointestinal disturbances, sensitivity to light and sound.

This cleansing process takes place over 1-2 sessions and covers the following:

  1. Neutralizing spikes
  2. Dissolving brain fog
  3. Raising consciousness
  4. Strengthening mitochondria
  5. Ending chronic fatigue
  6. Blood purification

Even unvaccinated people benefit immensely from this cleansing.

If you are interested or have any questions, please feel free to contact me.


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