Core Competence

Drops of Happiness – Receive from the Pharmacy of the ESSENES

Working with my core competence:

“Drops of Happiness – Receiving from the Essenes Pharmacy”.

Happiness is the basic essence of our chakras, our bodies (physical to hypercausal) and our organs.

The “drop of happiness from the divine pharmacy of the Essenes” touches and transforms hardened and blocked aspects. This healing level is used for a specific theme, for traumas or on an organ level.

Like a “spark of light”, the droplet of happiness reminds us of the original level of light and instantly releases healing.

The “drop of happiness” sets waves of happiness in motion, so that “happiness” can again be accepted.

Use on body levels:

On the physical level somatized aspects show up, which have formed from pain, grief, failure, fear… and often have become manifest as physical symptoms.

On the emotional level, unhappy experiences have an almost magnetic effect and attract the next unhappy experience, similar to a chain reaction.

On the causal level, traumatic experiences determine the future path. The amount of happiness that each of us brought with us to earth can no longer be retrieved.

On the hypercausal level, our happiness is strengthened in oneness with God. A “gift from heaven” in times, when many people reject their faith.

Use at chakra levels

The “drop of happiness” is placed in each of the seven chakras.

Price: € 180

The “drop of happiness” works individually on your theme.

Price: € 250

Follow-up sessions are priced individually.


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