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I’m Sansha and I’m happy to welcome you!

Be inspired by my website. All my work is currently offered online and in person.

Release everything

that prevents you from being happy.

The most healing insight for all of us who have started on our own path is: The cause of problem areas does not lie in our environment, such as in the family, our partnership, the workplace. At best, these serve as a mirror and remind us of our “unhealed” past issues.

The key to the solution lies within us!

In order to find answers, we have to start with ourselves. Yes, it takes courage to face this journey of letting go and allowing, but it’s definitely worth!


My concern is to accompany people on their path to their “healing” and “happiness”.

Spiritual Individual Work

I advise you in various life situations to make you aware of deeper spiritual causes of problem areas or illness, to show solutions and work on it.

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I offer seminars to promote personal development, selfhealing and training.
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Room Feng Shui

The life energy (Chi) is the foundation of all life. It must flow freely to transform houses, rooms and squares into places of harmony and strength. The goal is to reconcile the energies of the space with the needs of the inhabitants.
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Here you will find current informations and upcoming seminars.
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I cordially invite you to get in touch with me. I look forward to your inquiry and our meeting.

Being happy is the highest spiritual task