I offer seminars to promote personal development, self-healing as well as courses.

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The Path into Light®

The Path into Light® offers the chance to enter into a new vision of your life. You acquire inner strength and independence. These are the foundation on which you can build in a time of constant change.

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Healing and being healed in the Light of the Essenes

The Essene methods start in the mental-spiritual area and cause a strong activation of self-healing powers. Rituals have a special meaning for the Essenes. They served to be in constant contact with God and to keep the Essene Light untouched and pure.

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Heilen und geheilt werden im Licht der Essener
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The Healing Powers of Elves & Fairies

In this healer training, the elves and fairies will share their knowledge with us. They teach us to understand the powers of nature.
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