The Path to the Light®

A milestone in my life – also in yours?

In four days you will learn:

  • To understand and accept yourself and your path
  • Recognize and promote your strengths
  • to use one’s own healing potential
  • Recognizing love as the strongest force in life
  • to clarify the important life questions from within yourself or in contact with the spiritual companions
  • to come into peace with yourself and your surroundings
  • to contribute to peace on our planet

You acquire inner strength and independence. These are the foundation on which you can build in a time of constant change. Love, joy and knowledge bring fulfillment into your life and give you the motivation to get involved in new things again and again.

What did The Way into the Light® mean to me?

When I walked this path many years ago, I was excited, excited and expectant at the same time. I was sure that this seminar was the right decision for me.

Why? I felt it in my heart.

Actually, everything I knew about it and was supposed to learn about it was quite new to me: meditations that blast blockages with their depth Light experiences, that change consciousness Real encounters with spiritual helpers Intensity of sacred prayers Finding answers to questions within myself Ability to act that replaces powerlessness Transformation through the power of love Creator power of our chakras Freedom through expansion of light Redemption from dark aspects Meaning of true charity Power of divine fire

My conclusion:

For me, it is still the basic seminar for liberation and arrival alike. It transforms shadow levels, makes room for our own qualities and aligns us on our very own path. Miraculous.


Have you become curious? Then feel free to contact me. I cordially invite you to contact me. I look forward to your inquiry and to get to know you personally in a conversation!

There is only one goal – yours There is only one way – yours