Room Feng Shui

Living in harmony with oneself and one’s surroundings

Let the Chi flow

Feng Shui (literally: wind and water) is a millennia-old knowledge about the power of the earth and its effects on humans. The life energy – Chi – is the base of life. It must flow unobstructed, cleared from disturbing fields, in order to provide houses, rooms and places with harmony and power.

If the flow of chi is disturbed, we are robbed of energy.

Blockages can be very diverse: a polluted property, the location or construction of a house, electro magnetic fields, water pipes… up to emotional events that have taken place at the location. 

The goal is to bring the energies of the space into harmony with the needs of the occupants.

Energetic Feng Shui

Energetic Feng Shui offers the possibility to divert disturbing energies and to increase the energy level. In this way rooms and places are harmonized. It is not necessary to rebuild houses or rearrange furniture.

In addition, the element cycle, the chakra flow and the bagua can be included.

The 5-Element Cycle

The 5 Elements, fire, earth, metal, water and wood are creative elements. If they are in harmony with each other, it has a positive effect on humans and nature.

Chinese acupuncture balances the elements in the physical body.

The Power of the 7 Chakras

Chakras are energy centers in our body. They can also be found in rooms, where their different qualities are useful.

The Bagua

The power of the Bagua nourishes energetically important life issues that need special clarification and order. They move into our focus, want to be worked on, in order to be available to us as a strength.

The Power of Energetic Feng Shui

Energetic Feng Shui causes the immediate flow of energy in rooms. Thus improves the quality and quantity of our life energy. It is not necessary to remodel or rearrange furniture.

Private rooms

Feng Shui provides the best conditions for harmonious family life. A peaceful place is important for our relationship, the development of our children and our health.

Business rooms

The harmonious vibration has a positive effect on the social behavior of employees. Work becomes more creative and effective.

Transformation through Feng Shui

  • Decision making skills are enhanced

  • Desires become clearer

  • Goals are getting closer

  • Efficiency expands

  • The Personality grows

  • Self-Confidence develops

  • Joy of life returns

  • Health is supported

  • Rooms offer well-being

My intention is to harmonize living spaces,

as our inner life influences the outside and the outside affects our inner life. A harmonious and fulfilled life is important for the development of our personality.

I am trained in: 

“Alpha Chi Feng Shui” and “The Nine Master Schools of Feng Shui”


You want to know more about Feng Shui?

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Harmony inside and outside